Cremation With Care

Our funeral home has been selected as the areas exclusive provider for Cremation-With-Care because we are cremation experts. We guarantee that every cremation is performed in accordance with the highest level of ethical cremation standards and procedures.

Choosing cremation rather than burial does not diminish the value of a wonderful life. Cremation, like simply the disposition of the physical body of the deceased. It does not preclude you from planning a Remembrance Gathering or creating a permanent memorial in a cemetery, mausoleum, or cremation garden that can be visited regularly by family and friends either before or after the cremation process. 

The remembrance of the heart, spirit and soul of your loved one is a treasure which only you and your family can truly know and cherish.

Nowadays more people are moving toward creating colorful, personalized ways to say goodbye to a loved one. A Remembrance Gathering honoring that wonderful life may take place either before or after the cremation process. Remembrance Gatherings often include playing their favorite music, serving their favorite foods and displaying photographs and other mementos that celebrate their individuality. You might even consider planning a themed Remembrance Gathering. No matter what your vision of what an ideal final sendoff might be, don't be afraid to ask your Remembrance Planner.

We offer a diverse selection of permanent cremation urns to choose from in many different styles, themes & hobbies, as well as works of art that will be displayed & enjoyed for generations. Sharing the cremated remains with Family Keepsakes and Cremation Jewelry helps to keep your loved ones memory close to heart.